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Services & Expertise

We are acting as an independent firm without conflicts of interest. Our services are designed in a way to let you reach your milestones.

From a single source to complete coverage. All elements mentioned are also available as a stand-alone.

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Paying Agent Services
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Paying Agent Services

As a Paying Agent, we ensure that we have you covered on the Central Security Depositories. The issuance can happen at the venue of choice together with a corresponding ISIN. After the live moment, tradability in primary and secondary markets starts. Every unit is delivered to the bank or account of the investor.

Due to our global coverage we can deliver units to international locations, both mainstream and exotic. During the life of an instrument we are delighted to be able to service the issuance with payments and corporate actions. The final phase is the redemption of the units and ensuring that the investors receive the agreed invested amount.

Listing Services
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Listing Services

Nowadays a listing is complimentary to private debt issuances, but the venue of choice can have a great impact on the market, and the market making of this.

It is crucial to receive guidance as to what kind of listings are available in the estimated timeline of the Issuer. Bond Capital House GmbH is a multi-listing agent and ensures a straightforward and efficient process.

Consulting Services
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Consulting Services

Bond Capital House GmbH positioned itself based on specialized forms of advice.


The service mostly starts with the draft of terms and conditions, prospectuses and private placement memorandums. As a second element, we assist with all the documents that may be required for the issuance.

As a next phase the services are mostly focused on elements that are crucial for certain transactions. This starts from a corporate rating to an issue-related sustainable rating. Most of the consulting offerings are sustained in-house and are related to fixed-income instruments and private placements.

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