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Consulting Offerings

One of the crucial elements for a successful issuance is the existence of strong documents. Almost all jurisdictions require specific documents for the creation of an instrument.

Bond Capital House GmbH is the specialist in the field of Terms and Conditions, also known as Private Placement Memorandums. We are fast and accurate in writing the required documents for you to meet your deadlines and those of your investors.

In addition, we offer complementary services like ratings from well known agencies and communication with third parties on behalf of the Issuer.

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Range of Services

Underneath services are available for Issuers. Specific requests can be arranged on individual basis.

  • Drafting of documents (T&C, PPM, Subscription Agreements, Board Resolutions etc.)

  • Proofing of documents 

  • Transaction Advisory and Design

  • Depository Advisory and Design

  • ESG Ratings

  • Credit Ratings

  • Public Relations and Distributions

  • Deal Announcements

  • Second Opinions

Besides of the issuance documents other elements that are crucial for certain transactions are available. This starts from a corporate rating to an issue related sustainable rating. All the consulting offerings are sustained in-house and are related to fixed-income instruments.

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Issuer Services

The key of our Issuer Services is to combine all services together in a fast-track way to assure successful and timely execution of ideas and plans. 

  • We join as a service provider when required

  • We bring different experts together in a round table setting

  • We execute specialy for Advisors, Lawyers and M&A outside regular business hours  

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