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About Us

Bond Capital House is a global firm offering paying agent services for debt. Together with our listing and consulting offerings we cover the full lifecycle of an issuance.


Our clients praise us for our approach to delicate projects and transactions. Based in the heart of Switzerland and operating internationally we allow our clients to reach milestones by going the extra mile. 

We are a house of specialists offering services for private debt products. We call ourselves a house within, but we are a boutique offering a wide range of services. From the design table till the redemption date, we are there to assist based on your wishes. Bond Capital House GmbH is incorporated with the mission to finance the world. Our understanding is that every idea deserves to be able to reach success. Our specialists, each with their own backgrounds and unique characteristics are since 2022 at your service.

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Financing the world through passion and dedication



We are specialized in all aspects of the issuance and servicing. From the idea till the redemption, we will be by your side and guide. Even if it’s a niche element you are seeking for your already existing issuance, we are ready to assist.

Strong Partnership

No Issuer is the same and should be approached identically. Therefore, we assist Issuers without prioritizing based on size and amount, purpose, or jurisdiction. We believe that every idea deserves to reach success.

As a lean firm we know the importance of not having bottlenecks that limit the aim of an issuance. We target to have an onboarding procedure in a few business days to be able to bring you to the market of your choice within a week.

Fast and Efficient 


of Cashflows

Not only an onboarding is happening with market exceptional speed. Transactions are performed above industry standards and cut-off times have been reduced to the minimum to make capital available immediately.

Due Diligence

and Compliance

The most asked element nowadays is compliance-related topics. As a Swiss firm, we screen an issuance and Issuer with anti-money laundry standards and sanction-related screenings. These elements are checked on a national and international basis.  

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Regulatory status

Bond Capital House GmbH is supervised by the Financial Services Standards Association VQF within the framework of the Money Laundering Act.


The VQF is a self-regulatory organization recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and independently verifies compliance with the standards of financial intermediaries in the Swiss parabanking sector.

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