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Listing Services

Purpose of Listing Services 

Bond Capital House GmbH is the listing specialist for instruments on indices of foreign exchanges.


The purpose of listing is to have more publication on the instrument and communicate to a wider investor base. Our dedicated team is fast and has a straightforward process in order to find the right listing solution for your needs. 


The documents required for this are collected by us and prepared for the listing. The listing application is prepared and the listing is carried out administratively. Changes during the term of the bond are passed on to the exchange.

Range of products for Listings 

  • Asset-Backed Securities

  • Convertible Bonds

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Covered Bonds

  • ESG Bonds

  • High Yield Bonds

  • Loan Participation Notes

  • Repackaged Notes

  • Securitised Derivatives

  • Sovereign Bonds

  • Sukuk Certificates

  • Variable Funding Notes

Vienna MTF

The Vienna MTF is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in Europe with more than 11.000 listings spread over 25 currencies. The simplicity and straightforward process are one of the many reasons why issuers choose the Vienna MTF as their trusted listing venue.

Bond Capital House GmbH is your one-stop shop for listings on the Vienna MTF.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the largest exchanges in the world with a solid investor base and direct connection to more than 250 international trading institutions and more than 4,500 traders worldwide.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Directives for the Regulated Unofficial Market are the basis on which the inclusion of an instrument is determined. There are simple criteria and no continuous requirements for issuers. When a security is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, it is tradable on the exchange floor and/or on the Xetra® electronic trading system.



The Bloomberg environment allows Issuers to get a global presence. At the same time counterparties and investors get the tools to do market research


Bloomberg listings are in particular useful for market presence. Today market visibility creates the key to success for new and existing issuers with a wide investor base. The listing assists institutions that represent the investors to receive research material and manage the information flow regarding the instrument.

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